Work Experience

Web Developer

FEB 2017 - PRESENT (3 years)

Responsible for developing and maintaining web applications, mainly within the Laravel ecosystem.

Lead Web Developer

SET 2011 - JAN 2017 (5 years)

Responsible for web development life cycle, deployment, web projects management and team management.

Tiago was the main responsible for me having started working as web developer almost 4 years ago. Since then we have done a lot of projects together not only web ones. More than teaching me Laravel and the basics of web he helped me being more organized, more focused in what really matters and also have been a good friend. Tiago, besides being a flawless developer has great capacities as team leader and problems solving and he is always trying to improve himself and the ones that surround him. - Mário Macedo

Freelancer Web Developer

JUN 2017 - JAN 2017 (5 months)

Responsible for structuring, developing, deploying and maintaining the web application for the duration of the project (version 2016), the technologies used were: Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap and Vue.js.

Tiago was a great developer for our platform. He always responded to the challenges quite quickly and with great quality - as a programmer, he solved any problem, and found solutions for all the features we wanted on the platform. Moreover, he was highly proactive, and he really did proposed some improvements in areas that even we were not noticing. Also, he worked great as a member of the team, finding solutions for both when he was at the office, and when he was working at distance.
Thanks Tiago for this great experience. - Paulo Fontes

Head of technology

NOV 2014 - NOV 2015 (1 year)

JuniFEUP is the Junior Enterprise of FEUP ( Responsible for technology decisions, member's training and IT project management.

I worked directly with Tiago on the development of the ESICUP website while working at JuniFEUP. Tiago was the Project Manager and I was responsible for contacting the client. During the project, I soon realized that Tiago had accumulated a lot of experience in Project Management since he had already managed other similar projects in the past and that was very important for the success of the project. I highly recommend Tiago as a worker and as a person. - Francisco Cunha


Informatics and Computer Engineering

SET 2010 - JUN 2017 (Bachelor's part-time)

While attending the course, I was simultaneously working (IT area) and at JuniFEUP (Junior Enterprise of Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto)


Laravel, Vue.js, PHP, Testing, ...
( Laracasts - 2015 to today)
Good sales practice (JuniFEUP - 2014)
ISO 9001 (JuniFEUP - 2013)
Conflict Management (JuniFEUP - 2013)
Get started in Django (JuniFEUP - 2013)